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About Sturgeon Falls Brush & Contracting

History of Sturgeon Falls Brush and Contracting

Sturgeon Falls Brush and Contracting Limited (SFB) originated in 1971 when our founder got his first brushing contract with Northern and Central Gas. The first Company was incorporated in 1976 and remained active until 2014 when it was amalgamated with the other operating divisions ot what was previously known as the Sturgeon Falls Brush Group.

SFB has a long history of completing ROW clearing contracts tor power lines and pipelines as well as being the premier land clearing company for the expansion of both Hwy 11 and 69.

Some of the more notable contracts we completed in the last few years include the Henvey Inlet Wind project Transmission Line, the Bruce to Milton Power Line for Hydro One, the Windsor Essex parkway and the last section of the 407 East expansion project. Often, other companies get awarded these clearing jobs and if unexperienced, they often fall behind schedule. SFB is the company that gets called to come in and ensure the project gets back on track. This was the case for the new power line to Detour Gold as well as the phase one of the 407 East expansion.

SFB is renowned for completing large scale contracts under extremely tight timeframes as was the case for the original power line from Moosonee to Attawapiskat where we completed 167kms of ROW in six weeks, working 24/7 so that PowerTel could complete the Five Nations Energy Ommushkego Ishkotayo project on time and under budget.

Over the years SFB has been proud to work for the following General Contractors:

As well as a number of Municipalities, provincial Ministries and Federal Departments.